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Who We Serve

Manufacturing Companies

Cost Accounting is our strength and we have effectively used it to help our clients in Construction, Manufacturing and other industries.

Starting new product lines, discontinuing processes and product lines, pricing for today’s market and setting up line productions overseas are some of the big challenges manufacturing industry faces today and we are helping them all along the way.

We are very proactive when it comes to making these critical decisions. Not only do we help our clients set up a cost structure that helps them make these critical decisions but we also monitor the activities, offer cost effective alternatives and provide with What-if scenarios.


Construction Contracters

We have been servicing Construction Contractors since 1987.

This is a highly specialized field, where profit margins are low and competition abounds.

We have helped many contractors steer through the financial challenges and have established excellent rapport with bonding companies and financial institutions, provided financial guidance, established effective estimating, costing and accounting systems.

Work-in-Progress report requirement is atypical for this industry. Bonding Companies need them for monitoring job progress and setting up bonding limits. Bonding companies love our informative and yet simple reports that are easy to comprehend and use as a guiding tool.

Scheduling jobs is highly dependent on weather, job site conditions, material availability and unexpected delays or developments at the job sites.

Job Estimating, Un-approved change orders, Bonding lines and cash flow management are some of the toughest challenges and obstacles that contractors go through. 1099, labor audits, payroll problems, job tracking etc. are the some of the other typical problems faced by this industry.

Managing a construction company is like conducting an epic Orchestra.

Any one in Construction Industry needs able hands, a powerful alliance and effective cost management.


Doctors, Architects, I.T. Professionals, and others

You are in your own practice; that is your dream come true!

Putting us on your team to maintain and monitor your financial matters would be like attaining Nirvana!

By putting us on your team, you can go about doing the best at what you do, whether it is developing new products, generating more business, establishing quality control and so forth, and leave the financial management to us, knowing that it is in the most able hands and you have the most proactive input on very regular interval.


Hotel/Motel Businesses

We have worked with several Franchise Motels, helping prospective buyers to see if the asking price is right.

We have prepared Feasibility Reports to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the management team and evaluation of the over all risk element.

You can outsource the CFO function to us at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CPA.

We can monitor the financial activities, provide financial and management reports and inform you of unusual movements.

This industry has several cost lefts, including food, entertainment, bars, convention and party halls, etc. Gaining knowledge of the profitability of each cost left is the key to brain storming to improve return on each activity.


Wholesale/Retail Traders

We have effectively handled wholesale traders with over 6,000 product lines and close to billion dollars in sales to Retail traders and services that deal with local market and national franchises.

We help our clients negotiate contracts with national franchisors, establish product pricing, establish joint ventures, and help monitor financial scenario.

Routine Tax Filings, Financial Evaluations and proactive input are some of the things you can take for granted, as if you are on auto-pilot!


Real Estate

If you are in the business of Developing and Leasing or Renting Commercial Real Estate and need help in financial management, cost controls, Cash Flow Management, arrange financing or conduct a Feasibility Report for the new projects, we can help.

We can design and develop a financial reporting system that allows you to have a quick review of your cash situation and your working capital scenario. Our Cash Flow Projection Reports will help you forecast your financing needs and will help you arrange your finances as the project progresses, minimizing interest costs.

Routine support, Tax Planning and litigation support are all included in our standard fixed annual retainer fees.

Franchise Stores - Pizza Hut, Sir Speedy, Mail Boxes, etc., and others

Shopping/Transport Companies

Financial Institutions/Banks

Small Businesses/Retailers

Medical Facilities

Educational Institutions



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