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Starting a New Business

A transition from Employee to Employer could be challenging, fun and a lot of hard work.

As the saying goes "a job well begun is half done" is so true, when statistically, only a small percent of the businesses survive and out of that, only 10% do well for themselves!

The biggest decision one has to make is what is the most appropriate business entity for your needs. We can help you decide the form of your business entity – should it be a Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, LLC or LLP? While every one wants to minimize taxes and maximize profits, your unique circumstances and the ultimate objectives in starting a business can help you choose the right form, as each has advantages and disadvantages. We can help you understand the pros and cons of each form of business.

Our start-up services include business registration, payroll and labor department filings, sales and use tax filings, obtaining Tax ID Numbers (EIN) and updating corporate kits with shareholdings. It also includes setting up proper books of accounts, appropriate charts of accounts, and general guidelines in starting a business.



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