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Financial MRI

"If these numbers were explained to me the way you are explaining to me now, I would not be selling this company that I worked so hard to build up."

Recently, our client asked us to analyze financial results of a company that he was considering acquiring. When we discussed our analysis of the financial results and the company valuation, the seller was shocked!

Even though, the company had up to date accounting records, the owner was never conveyed the direction in which his company was going, the costs that had shot up way beyond proportion or how he could have controlled them. He only knew he was losing money!

He remarked, “If these numbers were explained to me the way you are explaining to me now, I would not be selling this company that I worked so hard to build up!”

Are you in a similar predicament?

Would you like to improve your financial results?

Would you like to get a Fresh Perspective on your financial results?

Financial MRI ® is our signature service to help business owners like you have a rolling evaluation of their financial results. It is a SWOT analysis of your business. It highlights the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that your business faces! It measures areas of efficiencies and inefficiencies and provides specific remedies to cure them. It is custom tailored to your specific needs and it is explained to you in plain English!

In effect, it helps you Macro-Manage the company and be in control, without getting involved in details. Rolling evaluation is also critical for tax minimization, profit maximization, discontinuation of non-profitable product lines and business value optimization. This is a Pro-Active approach to financial success!

Our professional staff equipped with this diagnostic vision can regularly inform you about your financial position and identify avenues for cost cutting and improving profitability prospects.

It creates a perfect synergy! You go about doing what you are best at: building your business while we provide you with sound financial management. It is a win-win situation!

Please let us know if we can help you raise a toast to your financial health!


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