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Financial results are like sign posts along the business highway...

Timely and up to date Financial Information can help you steer in the right direction, avoid disasters, warn you of potential dangers and help you make informed decisions. It can help you with pricing on competitive bids and in selecting right product mix to maximize profits.

We can help you retain most of what you have earned, by timing and structuring transactions to minimize the ‘Tax Bite!’

Never pay a tax penalty; call us today to learn about our special offers for business taxes, and also about our special offer for construction contractors. We look forward to hearing from you and doing your taxes for you! Our crew of consultants, financial analysts, accountants, and experts in the matter of money, payroll, and more will take care of you.
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Please take the time to explore the various sections and options that our site has to offer your business. Including our Free Online Estimator, featured to the right. You may also get the latest trends and information on the market by visiting our links to the Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange and PrimeRate.net.

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Why Us?  
Types of Clients  
Online Estimator  
Tax Organizer  
Check IRS Refund Status  
Check NY State Refund Status  


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